School Curriculum

We have well structured curriculum that ashes learning and accomplish overall development of students. We recognise the students abilities and make them aware of the world. Our curriculum emphasizes logical thinking, positive attitude and behaviours and for overall learning of students, we use different teaching methodology and curriculum.

Braindemics curriculum 

For kindergarten, we are following Braindemics curriculum which is the curriculum designed by the experts include pediatricians child psychologist academicians to enrich children’s fine motor skills and enhance learning skills. It is totally different from the traditional way of teaching which is activity cum learning based curriculum.

Chrysalis curriculum 

From class 1 to 5 Chrysalis curriculum is being followed. It’s main motto is to change the classroom to thinkers room and from students to thinkers. Both thinkers (course book) and companion (workbook) are designed to make them write on their own and express their thoughts freely.

Samacheer syllabus / Embibe 

For upper primary students, along with Samacheer syllabus, we are using Embibe one the leading products of Jio group which provides n number of materials for academic studies and for preparing the prominent exams like Neet, Jee, BITSAT, AIIMS, Railways, SSC etc.

And for higher secondary classes we are following samacheer with additional resource Embibe for providing videos, audios test materials, test practice and so on.

To cover all the learning styles of students and facilitate our students, we have efficient lesson plans, teaching aids, concept based activities, using audio visual AIDS and so on.

We also take effort and the focus on students creative skills, innovative skills, communication skills, we providing co curricular and extra curricular activities.

We have Vedic Maths, Reasoning, Handwriting, Grammar as a part of the Curriculum. And we have Silambam, Yoga, Karate, Western Dance, Classical Dance, Chess as extracurricular activities to energise them and to enhance their skills.



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