50 years of Education Experience

This school has its humble start as a nursery one during the year 1973 and has been catering to the educational needs of the children of the city and particularly of this locality.

By dint of duty consciousness hard work and sans-serif, this school has its slow and steady growth in all aspects and prospects. It has its matured growth as a full-fledged matriculation school during the year 1988 being pleased with its approach and activities in the field of education and achievement in public examinations, the Govt of Tamilnadu has recognized this Matriculation school as a Matriculation Hr.sec.school from the academic year 1994-95.

Fatima Educational Trust :

Fatima Educational Trust is a strategic organization established by Mr.Jothi Manickaraj and Mr.Manickaraj, the founders of the trust and the members Mr.Gabriel Jeyaraj, Mrs.Laila and Mr.Swaminathan whose vision was to facilitate for the development of school.

The members of the trust with sharpening vision are safeguarding, developing, managing and administering the resources by collaborating with the management and the experts from various discipline.

At Fatima Matriculation we also aim to inculcate in our students international-mindedness, strong interpersonal skills, confidence and co-operation, leadership and social responsibility along with an Islamic approach.


Managing Trustee :

Mr.Gabrial Gunaseelan